Welcome to the stalking school

Based in Moray, North East Scotland we provide deer related training and assessment – in particular for DSC1 & 2. We also specialise in introducing newcomers to the field.



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The pages here proved very difficult to update/ manage and the new site allows us to provide all our services in one place and in a much more user friendly format.

The new pages are live but are still developing, so please bear with us - we're stalkers not IT experts!


We have now opened a Youtube Channel - Moray Outfitting

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YOU TUBE - Emergency Mobile Phone Use - we really like this video -



Z-Aim Sweden Pro Stalker Slings. Z Aim logo



We are one of the two officially listed UK suppliers for Z Aim. This sling system has been our personal choice for years. We fully stand by this product and believe they are a really great design. Our only problem has been keeping them in stock!

Sauer Arms Support


Sauer Arms now support Stalking School and we are pleased to announce that the Sauer 101 rifle is now available for client use on our courses. As a matter of policy, we are wary of any perception of being biased or our recommendations having been 'bought'. It was therefore pleasing to have been approached by Sauer and to be offered support in utilising a rifle that we like - a lot! Customers now have the opportunity to judge for themselves.


Future of Deer management

Now more than ever, Deer and Deer Stalking are in the spotlight and how things develop is very much in the hands of each one of us. We aim to make stalking a safe, professional experience whilst not losing sight of the enjoyment factor!

Many people have a keen interest in deer and from a great number of different perspectives. Often it can seem difficult to gain entry to the world of deer. We believe all those with such an interest should work together - because that is the best way to properly conserve the animals. Our Introduction and Taster packages are specifically designed to help you become an active participant - wherever your interest lays.

We think this is the best way to ensure a properly balanced and healthy deer population for the future and enjoyment for all.










We see stalking as an inclusive, not exclusive activity - regardless of age or sex.